Disney Art of Animation Resort

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In-room Refrigerator
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All about Disney Art of Animation Resort

After breaking ground last summer, the 2,000 room resort featuring 1,120 family suites will accommodate the new trend of family oriented travel including 864 traditional hotel rooms After three years of success, Disney has modeled the new Resort after the All-Star Music Resort where 215 suites were converted from among 430 ordinary rooms. Disney Art of Animation Resort offers a family-suite value for one low price.

As guests approach the courtyards, they are greeted with giant icons that pay homage to four of Disney’s all-time favorite film classics. Fans will be dazzled as Disney makes tribute to four themes including Finding Nemo, Little Mermaid, Cars and The Lion King.

Behind the scenes, Artists from Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios have been hard at work in the selection of imagery that will be displayed on everything from elevated walls to swimming pools.

Disney predicts that this one-of-a-kind Resort will provide affordable suites for both families with children or extended families. By adding more than 1,000 new suites to its lineup, Disney has cleverly enticed more guests onto its property. Where the All Star Music Resort lost capacity during the initial conversion process, the Art of Animation Resort has more than recouped that lost.

With a substantial market for suites in today’s economy, Disney hopes that the Disney Art of Animation Resort family suites will be a highly popular value product.

Majority of rooms are six-person suites, equaling the same capacity of the Pop Century resort which has 2,800 convention rooms.

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