Which UK Airlines Fly to Florida?

At Florida Masters, we are often asked which airlines fly direct to Florida. The short answer is – a lot of them, and the number is growing all the time. This means it’s easy to get cheap flights to Florida, or to find airlines with an upgraded, comfortable experience. Here are just a few of your options when you fly to Florida:

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic

With convenient, direct services to Orlando and Miami, Virgin Atlantic is a popular airline for holiday travellers. Virgin has an excellent reputation for reliability and on-board comfort, and offer several travel classes for those who wish to upgrade their experience.

Economy class on Virgin Atlantic still offers plenty of extras to keep you fed and entertained during your flight. The ticket price includes complimentary food and drink on-board, and you’ll enjoy regular meals and snacks. Each seat has seatback entertainment with TV shows and films, while kids get free amenity kits, child-friendly TV channels, and special meals.

Upgrading to premium economy gives you more space in your seat, and a bigger, exclusive cabin. There are power outlets at each seat, plus the option to pay for WiFi, so you can browse the internet during your flight. You can enjoy dinner served on proper crockery, for an old-fashioned flight experience, and all travellers get an amenity kit with sleep mask, ear plugs, and loads of little extras.

British Airways

British Airways

British Airways offer excellent levels of service and comfort on long flights, and their World Traveller service is a great economy experience. Seats are well-designed for long flights, with amenity kits, blankets, and a cushion waiting on arrival, and you’ll enjoy hot meals and lots of snacks while on-board. There’s a full bar service with a decent selection of complimentary drinks, an entertainment system with lots of options, and a generous luggage allowance.

If you choose to upgrade, then World Traveller Plus is British Airway’s premium economy service, and this includes access to a smaller, private cabin. Again, you get wider seats with more legroom, larger entertainment screens, and upgraded meals, making sure you’re pampered on the way to your holiday.

Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook Airlines

Thomas Cook have recently started to fly from a few regional airports to Orlando, and they offer a fairly cheap, basic way to fly. Their large, modern planes have large economy sections, and each seat now has seatback entertainment. Meals are included, along with soft drinks, although you’ll have to purchase any extras including alcoholic drinks, headphones, upgraded entertainment, and seat reservations to ensure you can sit with friends and family.

Premium class offers a few extras from bigger, more comfortable seats to pillows and blankets, better entertainment, premium dining, and complimentary alcoholic drinks. You’ll also enjoy a smaller, more private cabin.



Budget airline Norwegian has grown massively in the last few years, and now offers a number of transatlantic flights including London to Orlando. Norwegian is often the cheapest option for flights, as it offers the sort of no-frills service you often get when flying around Europe. However, if you’re happy with a seat and a basic setback TV, then you can often save money by flying with them.

The economy cabins are large and modern, and you can book extras such as meals and luggage in advance if you wish. If you don’t book any extras, then you can pay for them at your seat, with a touchscreen for ordering and credit card payments. Keep in mind that no meals, drinks, or any other extras will be included in the ticket price. However, many flights do have free WiFi, which is a bonus.

Norwegian do offer a premium cabin, which offers bigger seats, lounge access, checked luggage, complimentary pre-flight drinks, a three course meal, and upgraded entertainment, so you can enjoy a more comfortable experience.

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