UK to Florida Flights

Flying from the UK to Florida is simple, with lots of direct routes, and is quicker than many other UK to USA routes.  Several major airlines, from budget to flag carriers fly these routes, so you can find flights to suit your budget.

Uk to Florida flights


Average flights prices from the UK to Florida during the year.


London to Florida

North UK

The most popular departure point for London to Florida flights is Gatwick. Conveniently located just south of the city, it’s easily reached via the Gatwick Express train from London Victoria.

From here, you can take flights to Orlando on major airlines such as Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. Budget carrier Norwegian has also started operating a Gatwick to Orlando service, which flies out around twice a week. From Gatwick, there are also flights direct to Tampa and Fort Lauderdale for those exploring other parts of the state.

London Heathrow offers direct flights from London to Miami from American Airlines, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic, although the three often offer codeshare flights.

If you don’t like the bustle of the major airports, then London Stansted just outside the city offers direct flights to Orlando, although they are a little more sporadic, so you may need to be flexible with your schedule.

London to Florida flight times vary, but on a direct flight it’s usually just over nine hours to get to Orlando, and nine and a half for Miami.

You can fly direct from Manchester to Orlando International on Virgin Atlantic, and there are also seasonal flights on Thomas Cook Airlines, popular for families looking for a convenient flight for their Florida holiday.


From Glasgow, you can take direct flights to Orlando, which usually take just under nine hours, so less than the average UK to Florida flight time. However, most Scotland to Florida flights are indirect, and you can either choose to change planes in London or Paris, or go via New York or other major US cities.

The Midlands

Both Birmingham and East Midlands International Airport have regular flights to Orlando Sanford International Airport. This is a smaller airport than Orlando International, but is only a half hour drive from downtown Orlando.

Northern Ireland


If you’re flying from Northern Ireland to Florida, there are a few direct flights to Orlando from Belfast International during peak season. If you want to fly off-peak, or travel to an airport such as Miami, then flying via London is usually the easiest option. Florida Masters can help you book all your connecting flights to ensure you get a convenient schedule.

You are quite limited in choice when booking direct flights from London to Wales. However, there are a few Cardiff to Orlando flights available during peak times. If we can’t find a flight for your specified dates, then we can often book a flight via Dublin or an American airport.

There are lots of options for flying direct from the UK to Florida, and a huge choice of airlines. If we can’t find you a direct flight, there are also lots of indirect options, whether you change in Europe or the USA.

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