Car Hire in Florida

The best way to get around the USA is by car, as it offers you freedom and the chance to set your own pace. That’s why Florida Masters offer car hire in Orlando and across the USA, with convenient airport pick up points and competitive prices.

Visitors from the UK can drive in Orlando on their British licence, and although the roads are busy, most drivers find it easy to get around once they’re used to driving on the right. Although cities such as Orlando do have public transport, a car allows you to fit more into your holiday, and means you aren’t wasting time waiting for buses to get you around.

Car Hire

Car Types

Book your Orlando car hire through Florida Masters, and we’ll be able to offer a wide range of cars depending on your party size and budget. Most Americans drive automatic cars, which are simple to drive, but if you specifically want a manual then please let us know.


Economy cars are the cheapest option for car hire, and they are usually medium sized, two door cars, with four or five seats. They’re usually suitable for couples or small families, depending on the amount of luggage that you have.


Cars described as ‘compact’ are small by American standards, but are the size that most British people will be used to. Engine sizes are generally under 2.0 litres, making them cheap to fill up, and some car parks have ‘compact only’ spaces which means they can be easier to park.


Those bringing the family on holiday will find intermediate cars are a good choice. They are usually estate cars with two or four doors, have five seats, and offer a decent amount of luggage space.

Full Size

An excellent choice for families with two or three children, these cars are a bit bigger than the intermediate category, and have roomier interiors and bigger boots.


SUVs are a common site on America’s roads, as they offer comfort and stability. Whether you’re planning to drive on freeways, or out on country roads, SUVs are an excellent choice for those who need some extra room. You can hire five, seven, or eight seater SUVs, so they are ideal for large families or groups of friends travelling together.


If you want to drive through the USA in style, then why not upgrade to a premium car? You’ll arrive at your hotel or the theme parks in a BMW, Mercedes, or other upmarket car, and can enjoy the luxurious interiors and extras found in these sorts of vehicles.


Convertibles don’t have much use in the UK with our short summers, but if you’re visiting the sunshine state, then a convertible is a great way to soak up some sun rays. Pick a sleek two or four seater, and you’ll be able to cruise along the coasts or down the freeway in comfort and style.


The highest class of car is luxury, which includes Lincoln town cars, high spec Cadillacs and newer Mercedes models. In this category you’ll also find larger vehicles such as the 12-seater Ford E350 which has a luxurious interior and space for a big group.


If you are booking car hire at Orlando Airport, you’ll want to have the car ready to go, so you can start your holiday without hassle. Florida Masters can book lots of extras such as:

  • GPS hire
  • Infant seats – for babies to 3 year olds
  • Child seats – for 3 to 5 year olds
  • Booster seats – for ages 5 and up
  • Hand controls for disabled drivers (subject to availability)
  • Full fuel tank

If you’d like to book car hire as part of your trip to Florida, or any other location in the USA, then simply call Florida Masters on 020 7084 7471 to find out more and get a quote.