Winter Cruises

Winter Cruises – Why Cruise During the Cooler Months?

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For many people, the months of July and August seem the natural time to head on a holiday such as a cruise. However, as summer is peak time due to school holidays, it’s not always the best option for those who aren’t travelling with school age children. In fact, the winter months can be a better time for many types of travel, and best of all, it’s usually the cheapest option. Here are some reasons why cruising is better in the colder months of the year.

The sun still shines

While you don’t get the intense heat of the summer months, many cruise destinations around the Bahamas and the Caribbean still have amazing weather. For example, many people will tell you the best months to visit the Bahamas are November until April when the weather averages at a pleasant 21°C to 24°C during the day, there’s low rainfall, and clear skies. The evenings can be quite a bit cooler, but if you’re taking Florida cruises to the Caribbean or Bahamas, then you’ll be back on board at night and can enjoy indoor entertainment if it’s too chilly.

Winter Caribbean Cruise

It’s quieter

There are some great deals

Having kids on-board a cruise is lovely, but some people prefer the more traditional, grown up style of cruise. Booking a cruise in the winter means fewer people, and those who are on the cruise are usually honeymooning couples or older travellers.

If that’s the style of cruise that you like, then aim for dates outside of the school holidays.

Travelling off-peak can save you huge amounts of money, and travelling from October to March (outside of half-terms, Christmas etc.) is one of the best ways to pick up cheap cruise deals.

Whether you book in advance or at the very last minute, simply waiting until the slightly less hectic months could slash a huge percentage off the cost of your holiday.

You might snag an upgrade

It’s easier to book activities

While an upgrade certainly isn’t guaranteed, many experienced cruisers note that off-peak travellers are much more likely to be upgraded. If ships are running below capacity, that means there’s a better likelihood of you snagging a larger room or better deck. If you book ‘guarantee cabins’ where you’re not assigned until the last minute, then you may be lucky and get a better cabin than you paid for.

Popular activities and excursions book up especially fast on peak time cruises. By choosing the quieter winter months, you are more likely to be able to book the things you want to do.

There are also shorter queues at the bars and buffets, and more space in the pool.

If you can take time off in the winter, then booking a winter cruise might be the right option for you. Simply call Florida Masters on 020 7084 7471 and we’ll find you the best deals during the winter months, and can tell you the best destinations to find sunshine.