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Why Use a Travel Agent When Booking a Cruise

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A cruise is a dream holiday for many travellers, combining relaxation and pampering with fun activities, plus trips onshore to far-flung lands. Whether you opt for a week, fortnight, or even longer, a cruise takes you to places you might not have ever seen, and allows you to fit more into your time off. One of the easiest ways to find a journey is to use a cruise travel agent, and here are some reasons why this makes life so much easier.

Specialist Knowledge

Travel agents have a great deal of knowledge about the area of travel that they deal with. For example, Florida Masters specialise in Florida cruises, and that means they’ll know details such as which cruises are family friendly, which ones suit older travellers, the best itineraries to suit the time you have, and much more. This means you can enjoy a tailored approach to booking your holiday, and get expert advice that you simply don’t get by booking yourself.

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Great Deals

Booking a cruise through a travel agent is often the best way to get a great deal on your trip. The reason for this is that they have contacts and networks in the industry, so have greater bargaining power. Because they sell a lot of cruises and other holidays, travel agents often get excellent package deals, and pass the savings on to the consumer.

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Complex Itineraries

Cruise holidays often involve booking flights, shuttles to the port, overnight accommodation before and after the cruise, and many other complex arrangements. That’s just for a simple cruise, if you decide to book a cruise and stay package then things can get even more complex. However, booking through an agent such as Florida Masters couldn’t be simpler. You pick up the phone, and they take details such as your party size, departure date, and budget, and then sort out all the complex arrangements, so all you have to decide is which package to book.

Financial Protection

By booking a package such as a cruise through an agent, you often receive much higher levels of financial protection if the holiday company goes bankrupt than those who book different elements independently. Check that any agent you use is registered with ATOL, as this will mean if anything happens to your airline or holiday provider, that you won’t be stranded abroad or lose out on the money you’ve paid.

First Cruises

If you are booking your first cruise, then the help of an agent is essential to ensuring you get what you want. They’ll be able to explain the different types of cabin, how you can book activities and excursions, and all the other little things you may not have even thought of. A travel agent who books cruises will usually be an expert on all the different lines and itineraries, and has probably been on quite a few cruises themselves, so you know you can trust their opinion.

If you’re thinking of booking a cruise, why not give Florida Masters a call? We offer a wide range of packages that give excellent value for money, and can ensure you get the best deal. Simply pick up the phone and call 020 7084 7471.

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