What to do in FLorida Keys

What to do in the Florida Keys

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With their white sandy beaches, laid-back atmosphere and year round sunshine, the Florida Keys are pretty much as close to paradise as it’s possible to get. Add in great dining, fantastic scenery and welcoming locals, and your holiday in the Florida Keys is guaranteed to be one you’ll remember forever.

If you’re about to jet off to this stunning part of the world and are looking for activities to fill your days, here are just a few ideas for fantastic things you can do during your break in the sun.


The vast majority of people who come on holiday to the Florida Keys are looking for one thing and one thing only: relaxation.
Luckily, the slow pace of life, good infrastructure and stunning landscapes make the Florida Keys the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the modern world and enjoy a little ‘me time’.

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With mile upon mile of pristine coastline and clear blue waters, it’s no surprise that the seafood in the Florida Keys is among the best in the world. From the lobsters at the Keys Fisheries to fish tacos at Garbo’s Grill, the Keys are packed full of restaurants serving a variety of fresh, exotic and delicious meals to hungry visitors and locals alike.

Soak up the sun

With the average air temperature a balmy 24˚C in January and a toasty 32˚C in July, the weather in the Florida Keys is one of the main attractions for many visitors. Though the area does experience a few storms during the hurricane season from June to November, in general, the islands see clear blue skies, hot days and cool, comfortable evenings.

Florida Keys Holidays


The clear waters that surround the Florida Keys are teeming with exotic fish, coral and marine life.

The calm conditions make the region ideal for those new to scuba diving, however more experienced divers will also find plenty to keep them busy in the bays, coves and rock pools of the Keys.

Get close to nature

Whether you want to swim with dolphins, learn about the region’s stunning butterflies or find out how the experts rescue sick turtles and nurse them back to health, the Florida Keys has just what you’re looking for.
With a wide range of natural reserves, marine parks and animal hospitals, even the keenest nature lovers will find more than enough to keep them busy for the duration of their stay.

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