Things to do in Miami

What to do in Miami

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The perfect reason to return again and again is that there’s so much to see and do during your Miami Holiday that you’ll have a hard time fitting it all in! This mesmerising city on the south-eastern tip of the Florida peninsula truly has something for everyone. Here’s our top 5 list of things to do:

1. Hit the beachSouth Beach Holidays

Miami’s South Beach is surfer heaven – but you don’t have to have a board to appreciate this idyllic place of white sand and turquoise water. Just lie right back and relax, and jump in to refresh yourself. In the evenings, explore the nearby historic Art Deco District and its hundreds of captivating buildings, as well as great restaurants and lounges.

2. Animal attractions

Head to Zoo Miami for up-close encounters with all kinds of exotic creatures, from gorillas to Komodo dragons, spread around enclosures encompassing 300 acres – and not a cage in sight. You’ll see more animals from around the world (especially from Africa and Asia) than at any other zoo in the United States, thanks to Miami’s year-round warm weather.

3. Sea the sights

Staying with wildlife, Miami Seaquarium promises a great day out. Swim with seals, go underwater on a sea trek reef encounter, and even become a trainer for a day. Dolphins naturally feature heavily, and it’s possible to get in the water with them and experience their power by being pulled along while you hold on to their dorsal fin. The seaquarium is also an important rescue and rehabilitation centre. You’re sure to have a whale of a time.

Downtown Miami4. Culture vulture

You mustn’t miss some of Miami’s incredible museums. Little ones will love the Miami Children’s Museum, where they can play as well as learn, with permanent exhibits dedicated to health and wellness, animals, nature, music, and many more. People of all ages will get a thrill out of the Miami Science Museum, one of the most popular in the city. For art, head to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Lowe Art Museum and Pérez Art Museum Miami.

5. For the birds

Jungle Island is where you’ll find a large number of colourful, tropical birds, including cockatoos, parrots, flamingos and many more – plus the tiny African penguin. Set on 22 acres, this zoological park is also home to an array of mammals and primates, from kangaroos to orangutans. Fish and reptiles – such as the American alligator, which is the biggest reptile in all of North America – also feature among the attractions.

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