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Universal Orlando’s New Chocolate Factory Restaurant

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Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory Themed Restaurant Opening soon!

May 2016 UPDATE: Universal Orlando has announced a name change for the new restaurant to:
“Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen”.

It may be the news many chocoholics have been waiting a lifetime for, but a new chocolate factory wonderland is nearly ready to open at Universal Orlando. The Florida based resort has announced a chocolate-themed attraction that will throw its doors open to all – not just the lucky recipients of special golden tickets! According to the entertainment giant, the concept of a chocolate restaurant which is deigned like a nineteenth century factory will, “deliver the next level of dining at Universal CityWalk.” In a move that has undoubtedly been inspired by Roal Dahl’s most famous culinary character, the wonderful Mr Willy Wonka, the attraction is named ‘The Toothsome Chocolate Factory’.

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The mouth watering prospect of this new attraction will delight lovers of chocolate, fans of the movies that have been adapted from Dahl’s children’s book, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory‘, but also devotees of steampunk. Often defined as something of a sub-genre of science fiction or science fantasy, steampunk is the chosen style of the attraction which, in short, will incorporate technologies and aesthetic designs which have a distinctly late nineteenth century feel. For example, visitors can expect plenty of steam-powered industrial chocolate-making machinery and staff dressed in fin de siècle costumes. Universal says that its latest creation will allow diners to indulge themselves, “amidst towering smoke stacks and funky gadgetry” inspired by the era.

So much for the entertainment and novelty value of the setting – what about the food on offer? Well, the menu has been designed to take the chocolate-inspired imaginations of visitors to new heights with a selection of foods that will cater for a wide range of tastes. This means that before progressing to the all important chocolate, diners will be able to order classic steaks, seafood and pasta starters, each delivered with the restaurant’s “unique twist”. In addition, gourmet burgers, sandwiches and even salads make the menu, as does an all-day brunch option which will suit many UK visitors who are still adjusting to the time difference on the eastern side of America during their holiday. However, in a chocolate factory setting, it must be the desserts that are going to make all of the headlines. According to the plans we already know about from Universal Orlando, they are going to be simply gorgeous.

To give you an idea of the sort of desserts on offer, just take some time to marvel at the sundaes that are being prepared. These are anything but ordinary with flavours that have never been tried before – so far as we know, anyway. For example, how about trying a Salted Caramel Flan sundae or a Chocolate Brownie Bark and S’mores version instead? The latter offers something of an original twist on what is already a summertime favourite in the US, but this one features layers of – you guessed it – chocolate ice-cream and chocolate sauce along with marshmallow cream that is topped off in style with a luxuriant portion of Graham crackers.

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Then there are the milkshakes to consider. And consider them, we do. To kick things off, how about ordering the ‘Chocolate x5’ shake? This offers an explosion of multiple types of chocolate with chocolate spirals, chocolate ice cream and chocolate chunks plus whipped cream – all brought together in a chocoholic’s dream drink. If that doesn’t whet your fancy, then how about the ‘Espresso Buzzzz? This mixes coffee and coffee-flavoured ice cream with delicious chocolate covered beans. Then there is the planned ‘Red Velvet’, an indulgent shake that is topped off with a delightful cupcake. Not enough for you? How about a ‘Key Lime Pie’ milkshake or a ‘Bacon Brittle’ which brings together bacon ice cream, chocolate covered bacon and bacon caramel in an assault on your notion of sweet and savoury.

Of course, the restaurant is just one part of the whole experience that Universal Orlando have on offer which is as much about entertaining and enthralling as it is to do with dining. Visitors can expect the ultimate chocolate factory experience, with plenty to see and do. Once ordered, visitors will be able to watch their chocolate creations being made before them. Although the attraction has no official association with either of the two famous movies inspired by Willy Wonka’s factory, the style of the place certainly draws on the look of both. Less like walking onto a film set, the Toothsome Chocolate Factory is really put together to immerse visitors so that they feel like they are visiting the actual Wonka factory itself. As such, it is bound to please youngsters new to the books and films just as much as older visitors who have grown up loving them.

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