Top 9 Florida Attractions

Top 9 Florida Attractions

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As if you need an excuse to head to Florida, The Sunshine State which boasts a treasure trove of awesome activities, perfect for everyone. From endless beaches, to gigantic theme parks, you’ll be spoilt for entertainment. So, without further ado, here are the top nine things to see in Florida – we’re sure you’ll love everything on this list. The only difficulty you’ll have is choosing which one…

1. Busch Gardens

First opened back in the spring of 1959, Busch Gardens has long been a big hit with families and holidaymakers. It was originally launched as part of a hospitality centre for an American brewer called Anheuser Busch and resembled a traditional German-style beer garden.
When the 1960s rolled around, Busch Gardens was getting too big for the quaint beer garden and was quickly becoming a high regarded zoological facility. By 1976, the park opened their first rollercoaster and from that point, it became a popular theme park, filled with animals from the African plains.

busch gardens

2. Aquatica SeaWorld

Orlando’s world-renowned water park really is king when it comes to water adventures.

Situated directly across from SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica SeaWorld is a wonderful way to take a breather (and cool off!) from the hot Florida sun on your holiday.

aquatica seaworld

By Colleen Pence from San Antonio, TX, USA [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

3. Walt Disney World

Arguably Florida’s top attraction, Walt Disney World has long been a favourite with families across the globe. Let’s face it, everyone has a soft spot for Disney, right? Even grown-ups. Thousands of holidaymakers flock here every year, heading to Magic Kingdom and some of the numerous other attractions at this awesome amusement park.

Walt Disney World

4. Universal Studios

This is a theme park with a difference. It’s a working film and TV production studio, bursting with a whole host of rides and experiences based on much-loved movies and shows, with rides ideal for people of all ages. What’s more, it boasts a multitude of hotels, live music, restaurants and much more.

Universal Studios

5. Everglades National Park

With a whopping 1.5 million-acre area of marshy land and swamp, Everglades is home to range of wildlife, including American crocodiles, Floridian panthers, deer, manatees, river otters, turtles, to name just a few. In 1947, environmentalists finally persuaded the government that the Everglades were crucial for nature.

Everglades National Park

6. Kennedy Space Centre and Cape Canaveral

Located near Cocoa Beach on the Atlantic Coast, the Kennedy Space Centre is a 140,000-acre development which has been the spot for the launches of numerous space shuttles.

Kennedy Space Centre and Cape Canaveral

7. Miami Beach

A big hit with tourists, Miami Beach includes both the town and the famous beach. It’s positioned on an island which can be reached from the mainland by bridges. What’s more, the beach sports a historic Art Deco District, not to mention an extensive strip of sand, stretching across the seafront.

Miami Beach

8. Dry Tortugas National Park

Located near Cocoa Beach on the Atlantic Coast, the Kennedy Space Centre is a 140,000-acre development which has been the spot for the launches of numerous space shuttles.

Dry Tortugas National Park

By U.S. National Park Service – U.S. National Park Service [1]; English Wikipedia, original upload 2 March 2005 by Brian0918, Public Domain,

9. St Augustine’s Historic District & Castillo de San Marcos

One of the most ancient settlements in Florida, St Augustine’s historical sites and gorgeous old architecture attracts many tourists every year.

One of the best things to see is the recent 19th century Flagler College, which is one of the most photographed buildings in the city.

It was first built as a hotel by railroad tycoon Henry Flagler. And let’s not forget Castillo de San Marcos, the oldest masonry fort in North America.

This complex was built in the 17th century and is immaculately preserved and will no doubt wow keen historians.

St Augustine’s Historic District and Castillo de San Marcos
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