Swimming with Dolphins

Swimming With Dolphins

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Why Swimming with Dolphins Can Be Good for Your Health

If you’re looking for an experience to remember during your next Florida holiday, then booking a trip to swim with dolphins is certainly a once in a lifetime experience. Humans have long since felt an affinity with these underwater mammals, and if you take a dolphin swimming experience, you’ll see just how loving and communicative they can be.

Dolphin Therapy

Swimming with dolphins isn’t just something to cross off your bucket list, in certain cases, it has been shown to have health benefits. The Dolphin Experience is an American charity who run programs for those with chronic pain, autism, cancer, and physical disabilities.

Not only does swimming with dolphins give people a greater range of movements, and sense of freedom, but dolphins have also been used in animal therapy programs. Here, people are encouraged to take part in therapeutic tasks involving dolphins, from solving puzzles to carrying out motor exercises. Because dolphins are so friendly, they can often encourage people in their therapy, and many patients’ families have reported excellent results in help with communication and physical skills.

Animal therapy has long been used in treating individuals, and in many ways dolphin therapy is similar to working with a dog or other service animal. However, being in the water is often easier for those with physical limitations, and it can allow them to achieve things they wouldn’t be able to on land.

Dolphins in Florida

Exercise and Education

Holidays with Dolphins

A day spent swimming with dolphins means physical exercise, and encourages people to improve their swimming skills. In Florida, places like Discovery Cove have become hugely popular because you can get so close to nature.

Part-waterpark, and part-aquarium, this interactive attraction is often rated as the best day out in Florida. It’s made up of several artificial beaches and coves, where tropical fish and rays swim freely, so you can don your wetsuit and enjoy some snorkelling. However, the main attraction is the dolphin swim experience, where you enjoy one on one dolphin encounters, with trainers teaching you all about the creatures. You then grab onto their fins and enjoy a dorsal fin ride!

Whether you’re swimming with dolphins for fun, or looking to aid the recovery of a loved one, there’s no doubt that there’s more to these beautiful creatures than meets the eye. Book a Florida holiday, and you can get up close to friendly dolphins, and interact with them in a natural environment.

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