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Plan the Perfect Summer Holiday to Florida in 2018

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Summer in Florida is just wonderful. The attractions on offer from Orlando’s theme parks to the most beautiful golf courses in the world and perfectly formed pristine white sandy beaches make it an all-encompassing fantastic holiday destination.

Theme parks are wonderful, yes, but you can’t go all the way to Florida without experiencing everything else that Florida has to offer!

Miami is one such place. Summer isn’t high season in Miami since it is rainy season but actually it is still searing hot, the ocean is crystal clear and warm, and the breeze makes the most perfect cooler. The rain does come but is often blown away just as soon as it starts but best of all it is quieter and you can drive down Ocean Drive with ease. Also, if you do choose to stay in Miami in the summer, swimming in The City of Coral Gables Venetian Pool is the most delightful way to spend an afternoon. It is a beautiful old pool formed from a coral rock quarry in 1923 with two large historic look out towers with a view to the City Beautiful.Coral Gables Venetian Pool

Festivals are a plenty in Florida in the summer. Why not drive up the coast to Jacksonville to the annual Jacksonville Caribbean Carnival in August. This is one big party with dancing in the streets, bright costumes, the best music and a huge array of Caribbean food on offer. Or head to the Summer of Rum festival in Tampa where you can sip Pina Coladas in the sunshine and dance away to the sounds of Cuba! If you are going to be in Florida for August 2018, then you must try and squeeze in The Great American Blues Festival set right on Panama City Beach. It doesn’t get any better than sitting on a beautiful beach under the Florida sunshine, listening to Blues! For the kids, if they can possibly squeeze in any other attractions, why not try the Festival of Chocolate.

The Florida Keys are just too good to miss, if you are planning a summer holiday in Florida. Why not enjoy the thrills of the parks in Orlando and then drive down the coast to the Keys. Take the roof down and soak up the most stunning views you will ever see. Once there, think hammocks, margaritas, sunset parties, snorkelling and a generally very relaxed vibe. Just what you need after the magic and fun of Orlando!

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