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Halloween at Universal Orlando

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Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Florida

As 31st of October is fast approaching, most people are already thinking of ways how to celebrate Halloween. It is quite easier when you are younger because what it takes is just grabbing a favourite fancy frock and start going door-to-door for a treat-or-trick. However, as you grow older, treat-or-tricking might not be your thing anymore and you would consider thinking of other ways to celebrate Halloween that are appropriate and more exciting than the usual.

This year, how about planning holidays to Florida from the UK and visit a place where you can get so scared and have the most excitement at the same time. I am talking about spending Halloween at Universal Orlando. Get the chance to meet the legendary Jack the Clown as he makes his triumphant return for the presentation of the largest and scariest Halloween at Universal Orlando. This would probably be the scariest Halloween celebration you will ever experience and all you have to do is choose the most convenient time that you want to be scared and you still have until first of November to do that. However, it is best to go with your family or as a group to share the fun and excitement.

Universal Orlando Halloween 2015

Celebrating Halloween at Universal Orlando can be more exciting than any other time of the year, for not only being the premier location of Halloween events, but also considering that the park is in its 25th year of doing it. The Halloween event brings some of the most hair raising, pulse pounding moments in the history of horror. Follow in fright the sound of maniacal laughter of Jack and enter the clown’s carnival to get the chance to explore horrifying haunted houses, scare zones, outrageous live shows and lots of the park’s exciting rides and other attractions.

At Universal Orlando, people can have the epic vacation they are dreaming of. The park offers dynamic shows, state of the art light attraction and other great experiences that the entire family will enjoy. In the fall, things get really different at the Universal Orlando and perhaps even darker. This is the time, when the park is transformed as a premier Halloween event, particularly the Halloween Horror Nights. It is the biggest and most immersive event in the US, if not in the whole world. The park is doing this event for 25 years and all of the experience through the years is going into making this year absolutely unbelievable.

Halloween Horror Nights Florida

Haunted Houses and much more!

The focal point of the Halloween event is the haunted houses that shock guests 360 degree in TV tremendous environment. The scare zones of the park, which are outdoor areas where new environments built with new scary characterisation. In addition, the show context of the Halloween event is a highly dynamic theatrical experience. All of these were based on twenty-five years of experience of Universal Orlando. That is twenty-five years of creating major characters, horrific grounds and the guest experience year after another. They deliver the scariest event that makes Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights popular, which is just like experiencing a horror show.

25th year of Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Horror Nights is as if living a horror film from the time guests walked in the gate until the time they leave. Around every corner and each turn made, Halloween Horror Nights can scare guests to the fullest. It is the objective of Universal Orlando to find ways every year to scare their guests. Therefore, you would not want to miss Universal Orlando’s 25th year Halloween Horror Nights.

You and your family can enjoy one of our Florida Holidays Packages including the Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights. Guests have the privilege of enjoying on-site accommodations of their choice, Park-to-Park daytime admission applicable to both of the theme parks, Halloween Horror Nights admission and others for a certain fee that is paid per night, per adult. The park requires advance purchase. In addition, they also offer “Single Event” night ticket for locals that will entitle the guests for one Halloween Horror Nights event and with possible savings. An Add-on ticket can be purchased as addition to the daytime park ticket, which provides another savings. General admission ticket is available as well.

Do not miss the Halloween at Universal Orlando and the Halloween Horror Nights that is in its 25th year. Be ready for fun, excitement and the scary part. Get thrilled and be frightened while exploring haunted houses, scare zones and become part of the Horror Show. This is of course on top of the many other exciting events, rides and attractions offered by Universal Orlando. Be part of the Halloween Horror Nights 25th year celebration and experience being scared to the max.

25 Years of Halloween at Universal Orlando

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