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The Force Will Be With Us Soon!

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Star Wars Land construction at Walt Disney World to Begin in 2016

It is confirmed! Through Bob Iger, Disney announced that it would be constructing Star Wars Land at Walt Disney World beginning 2016. Not only would Disney construct, but they would also expand Star Wars presence in Disney World late this year. The “Season of the Force” is set to begin soon! So, how about spending Florida holidays in 2016?

Yes, the “Season of the Force” which is a brand new continuing Star Wars event will be coming to Disney World very soon.  Disneyworld park guests will be offered the opportunity to visit special exhibits, favorite characters of Star Wars, peeks at the future Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and more.

A choice between the Light Side with Chewbacca giving wookiee greeting and the Dark Side with Darth Vader himself will be given to guests. What guests can see at the Light Side Gallery? This gallery features light sabers of Jedi Knights and the Rebel flight helmets. On the other hand, the Dark Side Gallery showcases Sith light sabers and the storm trooper armor.

Not only that, props the forthcoming film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens are going to be displayed at the Preview Gallery. In the Preview Gallery, the popular starships and their respective pilots from all the Star Wars legend are going to be docked. Guests can also play the latest games from the famous Star Wars galaxy which includes Disney Infinity 3.0 at the Star Wars Game Center.  If you are bringing your kids, they will surely enjoy their vacation.

Star Wars Disneyworld OrlandoAn update will be made on The Adventures Continue to include a new scene reflecting the forthcoming film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the Star Tours. This scene could take place at the new planet of Jakku. Space Mountain will be replaced for a limited time with Hyperspace Mountain that offers guests a chance to experience an X-wing star fighter battle.

Craving for food? The “Season of the Force” event not only offers hand greeting, games, and battle experiences, but special themed foods and beverages, entertainment and merchandise as well. You and your family will surely have an unforgettable experience when you come to Florida for your vacation.

Interested in Jedi Training? A new version of the Jedi Training Academy show entitled Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple introduces new characters and a new villain. The new Jedi recruits will be in battle with the evil Inquisitor. How about this for an experience?

Star Wars construction at DisneyIf you haven’t been to Disneyworld, this is the best time to do so. With the many updating and construction of new parks such as the Star Wars Land, your vacation will surely be worth it. This is also a very good chance of going back to your childhood days where you are so carefree and having much fun.

However, Disneyworld is not the only attraction or reason for you to visit Florida. There are plenty of other beautiful places that you can visit such as resorts, restaurants, beaches, museums, and much more.  Florida offers a world-famous golf resort, the Tournament Players Club; Disney SeaWorld and Universal theme parks, the Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort, Sawgrass Mills, and the Key Largo to name a few.

The forthcoming construction of the Star Wars Land will definitely add more enchantment and push for you to book your next vacation to Florida. Disney World is based in Orlando and offers a wide range of attraction for guests to enjoy. The four major theme parks often included in visitors’ Disney holidays are the Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and the Epcot. The Magic Kingdom includes Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean; It’s a Small World, the Haunted Mansion, and the Jungle Cruise. Over 250 various animal species are featured at the Animal Kingdom Park. Walking the criss-crossing trails will let you see the animals. Hollywood Studios features attractions such as the Great Movie Ride, Rock’n’Roller Coaster, Toy Story Mania ride, and the American Idol Experience. If you want to see the Little Mermaid or have the opportunity to know about the history of Disney animation, don’t miss this part of the Disney tour.

Interested with the future? Epcot is the best theme part for the Future World. This park includes Test Track Spaceship Earth, World Showcase that has 11 pavilions for nations such as Norway, China, Germany, Mexico, the US, England, Italy, Canada, and France. Soon, the forthcoming Star Wars Land will provide you the ultimate futuristic experience that you will never forget.

Star Wars Land at Disney World Florida