Florida Villa holidays VS Hotel holidays

Villa holidays VS Hotel holidays

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You’re heading to Florida, but should you stay in a hotel or rent a villa?

In spite of the fact that you’ll be spending the vast majority of your time outside during your your Florida vacation, the choice of where to stay can still easily make it or break it. Of course, much of the decision will be down to two things: personal preference and cost. Yet, the latter is fairly flexible, depending on the number of people travelling and the level of comfort you are either seeking or able to afford.

Hotel Holidays in FloridaLet’s start with Florida hotels packages. You’ll probably make this choice because you want things done for you. It’s a holiday, so cooking, cleaning and the like is not on your list of things to do – whereas theme parks, beaches, and nightlife might well be! You’re keen to use a hotel room as a base to wash and sleep – and maybe eat a meal or two, watch a movie, and store your gear. That’s pretty much its function.

Villa Holidays in FloridaHowever, if you want the option of spending more time at such a base, a Florida Villa holiday offers much more flexibility. Many will have a pool attached, either to one villa or a small number of villas, whereas the hotel’s option may be jam-packed with people. You might be looking for some intimate peace and quiet as you relax outdoors, here again villa holidays in Florida scores a hit.

You may also be keen to enjoy more of a “living in America” experience – making your own waffles, pancakes, eggs over easy for breakfast, and having a BBQ or takeaway later in the day. If so, look for a villa location close to the amenities you’ll need. Remember though, you will have to cook and clean as necessary, and take special care of young kids if there is a private pool right outside the door.

Florida Pool Villa HolidaysRenting a villa offers a much less time-regulated experience than staying in a hotel with fixed mealtimes and activities. It will also tend to have a wider range of home comforts, such as a TV, satellite, internet, Blu-ray, sound system, and washing machine, and more privacy than a family room in a hotel! A further advantage can be if you are travelling as a group of families or friends and can hire a large villa, or a number of properties beside each other, like your own holiday village.

The aim of a Florida holiday is surely to have “fun in the sun”, so take time to plan how best to achieve this. Having decided, you can then choose your accommodation – either hotel or villa – in terms of how well it will allow you to enjoy your Florida holiday, and in the way you want.

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