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10 surprising facts about Florida’s Walt Disney World

Disney Hotel HolidaysNo matter how much planning and research you do, there might be a few things that surprise you on your first (or even second or third) Disney World Florida Holiday.

Here are our top 10 facts that you might not know about Mickey Mouse HQ:

1. Chewing gum is banned

Disney World has a blanket ban on chewing gum in an effort to keep the parks clean. So if you’re desperate for gum during your Holidays at Disney, Florida, remember to bring your own and discard it in the rubbish bin, not under a table.

2. Transportation can take a little longer than you expect

A lot of Disney World first timers are surprised by the scale of the theme park and therefore how long it can take to get around, so make sure you do your homework.

The Broadwalk in Disneyworld3. The Boardwalk

Unless you’re planning to stay in a hotel on the Boardwalk, you may not know about this area of the theme park. It houses some fabulous evening entertainment, great restaurants and even a piano bar called Jellyrolls. It’s well worth a visit and is one of the park’s hidden gems.

4. Wake-up calls from a Disney character

If you request a wake-up call while you’re staying on the Disney World site, it could be from a Disney character.

5. There is a pet hotel on the premises

Although pets aren’t allowed in the theme parks or hotels, they are welcome at their own hotel, which features suites and vacation villas complete with web-cams and televisions, as well as a grooming salon.

Disney Holidays Orlando6. You can trade badges with cast members

This is a bit of an American tradition, but you can trade badges or “pins” with cast members or other guests. You can get started by buying a lanyard and pin set on eBay or at the Disney Store.

7. Disney’s free app is worth a download

Disney has a free app called “My Disney Experience” that includes maps, characters, waiting times, dining information and FastPass+ reservations. You can even use it when not on-site to find out how long the queues are when you’re not at the park.

8. There is random entertainment everywhere

You might spot entertainment popping up in some random places as you walk around the park. These events are well worth watching and are actually on a schedule, which is available at WDWent.com.

9. Parents don’t have to miss out on the big rides

Disney World runs a “Rider Switch” system (sometimes called “Child Swap“) that allows people with small children to take turns riding the bigger rides while the other person waits with the child.

10. You may suffer from Disney withdrawal

Planning your trip to Disney World takes a lot of time and effort so, when the trip comes to an end, you might suffer from the effects of ‘Disney withdrawal‘. The cure? Start planning your next trip!

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