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Staying Connected – Using WiFi When You’re On a Cruise

A cruise is an excellent way to relax and unwind, but that doesn’t mean you have to completely lose touch with the outside world. Whether you want to check your e-mails, upload your photos to Facebook, or use an instant messenger, it’s great to have WiFi on board your cruise ship.
Here’s some information about the WiFi facilities you might find on-board when you book a cruise through Florida Masters, and what to expect when you connect.

WIFI Onboard


There are very few cruises with free WiFi, although costs have decreased in the past few years. In the past, cruise companies would often charge per minute for WiFi, which made it easy to run up huge internet bills. The price you pay will vary depending on the cruise company, although you usually pay the same whether you’re on a Caribbean cruise, or a shorter European trip. For example, Royal Caribbean offer packages from just $9.99 per day for each device, and if you book in advance you can save money. Some companies also offer all-inclusive package deals for WiFi that you can book at the same time as booking your cruise, so you can save money by buying a whole week of WiFi rather than individual days.

Cruise Ship WiFi


Cruise ship WiFi is never going to be as fast as your home’s internet connection. This is because ships use satellite internet, and have quite a few users online so it can get overloaded at times. However, the speed is improving, and there are often different packages available of different speeds. If you’re just planning to use social media and e-mail, for example, there will usually be a basic package available, while those who want to stream movies and download apps will need to pay for a faster speed.

How to connect

If you order your WiFi package in advance, you’ll usually get a WiFi code in advance so you can login as soon as you board. If you haven’t purchased your WiFi, it’s usually just a case of connecting to the ship’s WiFi, which will then take you to a registration page, and you can then get online.

If you have a package that only supports one device, then you may need to log out of one before you can use another. For example, if your phone is connected and you want to use your tablet.

Internet Access on Cruise Ships

WiFi on cruise ships has become much cheaper, faster, and more reliable over the years, so if you’re worrying about being out of the loop, don’t be. While the internet at sea is never going to be as good as it is at home, you’ll still be able to upload selfies, send e-mails, and make your friends and family very jealous about the great time you’re having on your cruise!

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