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The Sunshine State remains one of the most popular tourist destinations for British holiday makers, with many airlines operating regular direct flights from Heathrow‘s Terminal 5 or Gatwick. Flights are typically a little over nine hours, landing at Miami International, with Virgin Atlantic (who also fly direct from Manchester), United Airlines, Delta and British Airways all competing for business. Note that BA and US Airways use code-sharing, so you usually fly BA, even if you book a US Airways flight. Flights to Florida’s other main airports, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, typically require a stop at a US hub airport.

With Disney World Orlando, Epcot, SeaWorld, Legoland, Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios among the top attractions, and a huge range of resorts, amazing hotels and holiday villas along the state’s golden coastline, there is most definitely something for everyone headed to Florida. So, how do you get there for the least amount of money?

With prices typically ranging from £370 to £1,000 per person for economy travel, you can find the cheapest prices enquiring with us, as we can get amazing discounts for you on hotels, car rental and other holiday essentials, if you want to maximise savings. To keep your costs as low as possible, always try to book as early as you can.

Flexibility is key when looking to fly cheaply, with some longer multi-stop flights working out less expensive, if you can put up with the hassle. Even juggling your flying dates around can also produce a less expensive flight. Giving us some flexibility on dates and flights will allow us to find the very cheapest deals for you.

Naturally, prices shoot up during the summer holidays, so book out of season if you can to reduce the cost substantially. If you have to go in the summer, booking at the last minute can save you money, as airlines rush to sell unsold or cancelled seats, but if you are travelling in a family, getting four or more seats next to each other is unlikely.

Cheap Flights to Florida
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