Celebrate Rollercoaster Day on These 5 Great Florida Rides

August 16th is known internationally as rollercoaster day, when we celebrate the origin of these thrilling rides. Rollercoaster day marks the day in 1898 when the first rollercoaster was patented, and since then rides have become longer, faster, and much more thrilling year on year. There’s no better place to celebrate the origins of the rollercoaster than in Florida, the land of theme parks, and here are 5 rollercoasters in the state that you just can’t miss.

1. Mako – Seaworld Orlando

Mako was only opened in June 2016, but it has already become a firm favourite among thrill-seekers. It claims to be the longest, tallest, and fastest rollercoaster in Orlando, reaching heights of 200 feet and speeds of up to 73 MPH. Visitors have so far enjoyed this sleek, smooth ride, and commented that the views at the top over Orlando are amazing.

2. Space Mountain – Walt Disney World

One of the few indoor rollercoasters in Florida, Space Mountain has been around since the 1970s, although it underwent a big renovation in 2009. The ride has a cool outer space theme, although for a lot of the time you’re in the dark, unable to see the scary twists and turns that are ahead. When it’s time for ‘take off’, you’re blasted through an LED lit tunnel, before being plunged into darkness and feeling the effects of zero gravity.

3. Dragon – Legoland Florida

Kids who aren’t yet tall enough for the thrill rides will love this cute rollercoaster. The ride sees you travel through a castle full of knights, wizards, and other giant LEGO characters, before hurtling down the rollercoaster track. It’s one of the milder coasters on the list, but it’s great for younger guests.

4. White Lightning – Fun Spot America

If you’ve never ridden a wooden rollercoaster, then it’s worth heading to Fun Spot America in Orlando to try out this thrilling ride. Wooden coasters give a much bumpier, adrenaline filled ride, and rollercoaster enthusiasts swear that they are just so much more exciting. It’s rare to find newer wooden coasters, and White Lightning opened in June 2013 to excellent reviews.

5. Cobra’s Curse – Busch Gardens Tampa

Cobra’s Curse is set in the Egyptian area of Busch Gardens, and is a family-friendly rollercoaster with unique spinning cars. Each car seats four people, and is lifted up an elevator before zooming through twists and turns. At certain points, the cars spin around, so for some of the ride you are travelling backwards, and at some points you’re both spinning and dropping at great speeds.

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on Aug 16, 2016

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