Spectacular Sights in Miami

7 Seriously Spectacular Sights in Miami

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Renowned for cruises, Cubans, South Beach, gorgeous people (of course!), not to mentions parties and clubs, Miami city is nothing short of crazy and diverse. The sun shines, it’s full of fun and never boring – what more could you want?
While it’s not the cheapest of American cities, it certainly does well in the entertainment department. Check out some of the best things to do in Miami, from partying on South Beach to strolling through the extravagant Coral Gables…

1. South Beach

Spend time people watching on South Beach, one of the main attractions in the city. Well known for being up-to-the-minute, with a whole bunch of shops, Miami Beach is more expensive than other areas – but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the less-pricey traditions, like topless sunbathing; it’s a truly quintessential Miami beach tradition!

2. The Everglades

Home to 1.5 million acres of swamps, prairies and sub-tropical jungles, Everglades National Park is one of the most unusual parks in the United States. What’s more, it boasts 14 rare and endangered species, such as the Florida panther, West Indian manatee as well as the American crocodile.

3. Coral Castle

Coral Castle was built out of love by a Latvian-born Miami resident called Ed Leedskalnin, who resurrected the castle as a monument to his beloved. It took 28 years of hard graft to launch his 1100-ton coral creation to the world – which he carved himself.

Open every day, the Coral Castle Museum welcomes tourists from across the globe to discover this captivating south Florida destination.


4. Coral Gables

If you love life’s little luxuries, be sure to take a trip to Coral Gables, one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in the US-of-A. Designed by George Merrick in the 1920s, it’s known as “The City Beautiful”, blending colour, details, and the Mediterranean Revival architectural style together perfectly. It now accommodates more than 20 consulates and foreign government offices and over 140 multinational corporations.

5. Ancient Spanish Monastery

First built in Segovia, Spain in 1141, this monastery was originally constructed to be a part of William Randolph Hearst’s home in California. Since the United States forbade the building of the monastery in California, the monastery remained in New York Harbour until 1954, when several businessmen bought the property and built it in Miami. Nowadays, the monastery is a church in addition to a popular marriage venue.

6. Fruit and Spice Park

Home to more than 500 species of fruit and spice plants with trees on 30 acres of land, The Fruit & Spice Park is the only tropical botanical garden of its kind in the United States. There, you’ll discover 75 varieties of banana, 70 bamboo varieties and a whole gamut of other exotic edibles. Even better, the park hosts festivals, so make sure you have a look at a calendar for full details of what’s happening, and when.

7. Florida Keys

Bursting with events for sightseers of all ages and tastes, the islands of the Florida Keys make for a truly quintessential Florida family holiday and include well-known destinations such as Key Largo, Islamorada and, of course, Key West. Get up close and personal with tropical fish on a snorkel trip, dive to discover a renowned Florida Keys ship wreck and be sure to visit local art galleries and museums.

Florida Keys

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